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Donate Technology to The Elf Squad

Elf Squad needs life technology

You know how important technology is to life these days. A central on-going campaign for Elf Squad is to close the “digital gap”.

You can help with the donation of products and services that people need to join in and keep up with modern life.

What do families need most?

  • home Internet service packages or pre-paid plans with hardware;
  • new or Refurbished hardware capable of supporting current operating systems, including:
    • Laptop computers
    • Tablets
    • Desktop computers
  • desktop PC software or Appstore/Playstore vouchers;
  • know-how and training…

Is Quality Important?

The rule of thumb is that… if the item would not be suitable for your own child to use for real and work/homework, then you should recycle it rather than donate it.

Elf Squad works in close partnership with ICT GeelongICT Geelong is a not-for-profit, member-based representative organisation and peak body, driving digital transformation in Greater Geelong, through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

How to Donate

  • Drop your suitable tech under an Elfing Tree (see HERE for your nearest tree location);
  • Bring them along to one of our events;
  • …or the funds to acquire these vital tools. (Please click HERE to donate money instead.)
  • For larger volume tech donations (more than 10 items or bulky items) and corporate suppliers, please fill in the form below to have our Elves arrange collection:
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