Donate Treats

Donate Treats to The Elf Squad

Elf Squad needs gourmet goodies from our region

We’re VERY keen to support local business. The G21 Geelong Region Alliance covers 5 municipalities that are host to numerous superb producers of gourmet food and drink items.

We are looking for

  • community-minded producers to directly support our cause by donating goods OR for
  • people/organisations to purchase locally-made gourmet goodies for us to give to families in need.

Obviously, the items need to be suited to the process of transporting, storing, wrap-n-sacking, and delivering. So sadly, no cheese or anything requiring refrigeration, no products with a short shelf-life (3 months or longer is good). But this still leaves an enormous array of stuff to choose from, made and sold right on our doorsteps in the Geelong region. 

How do I Donate?

  • Drop small numbers of suitable treats under your nearest Elfing Tree;
  • Bring them along to one of our events;
  • …or the funds to acquire these vital tools. (Please click HERE to donate money instead.)
  • For bulk treat donations (more than 20 items) please fill in the form below to be contacted about collection:
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