Elf Squad has a particular donation focus

We’re looking for donations of Toys (for kids), Treats (local gourmet produce), and Tech (life-enabling technology for those that have difficulty getting it).

Donate Toys to The Elf Squad

Toys are for kids at Christmas. You know the delight kids experience when they unwrap presents. We want all kids in the Geelong region to feel that!

The Elves will sort them, wrap them, put them in sacks (hand-decorated by Elflets) and have them delivered.

Donate Treats to The Elf Squad

Treats are lovely in themselves, but we want to support and boost the many local producers of gourmet food and drink the Geelong region is blessed with. You’ve seen them at Farmers’ Markets, and hopefully enjoyed a few too (if you haven’t, you are MISSING OUT). These donations not only promote local producers, they make fabulous re-gifting opportunities for the recipients in the unlikely event the don’t want them for themselves.

Donate Technology to The Elf Squad

Tech is arguably the most important of all. Elf Squad is closely partnered with Technology Geelong, and we both aim to help close the ‘digital gap’. Access to technology such as internet and computers is essential in modern life – yet some find it difficult to come by. 

You’ve heard the old saying, “give a fish and you feed for a day; teach to fish and you feed for a lifetime”. We want to help set people up in life, and you can help us do it.

Host An Elfing Tree

In a Medium to Large Workplace?

Lots of Foot Traffic Passing By?

At Elf Squad, we’re all about collecting Toys, Treats and Tech as you’ve just seen above.

How does this happen?

Why, under the ‘Elfing Tree of course!

Our ‘Elfing Trees are popping up in various locations around Geelong, hosted by organisations that can look after them and the goodies they receive.