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Roles to consider...

Events Team:

  • Elf Squad Launch Event – 1/12/17
  • Elf Squad Wrap ‘n’ Sack Event – 15/12/17

Elf Squad Leaders for:

  • PR, Marketing & Comms
  • Sponsorship – mainly pulling in in-kind sponsors for wine, beer, cider & raffle prizes; not focused on cash sponsors in 2017;
  • Industry Engagement – toy drives at corporate offices & Christmas parties & corporate Wrap ‘n’ Sack Day on 15/12/17
  • Business Group Relations – promote at and with all of them, for everything!
  • Regional Stakeholder Relations – engage regional heavy weights
  • Accounting, Finance & Registrations – keep us on track, get things set up

Elf Squad Programme Managers:

  • Elfing Trees Programme – toy drives in co-working spaces and retail spaces
  • Elf Squad Merchandising Programme – Elf Squad Hats, Elf Squad branded products, starting with Elf Squad exclusive Festive Tea-Cha Tea Blend & Coffee Cartel Coffee blends
  • Elf Squad Digital Inclusion Programme with Technology Geelong – identify partners for delivery of a year’s free internet and technology for families going without. Who’s already doing this in Geelong? Who can we partner with?