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Our Team is

Elf Squad is organised and led by an amazing team of dedicated and talented volunteers – we call them Elf Squad Leaders.

Our Elf Squad Leaders all have pretty full-on day jobs, and/or multiple businesses, AND they’re also now running Elf Squad!! Are they crazy?!  Is there something wrong with their mental ‘Elf!!


At Elf Squad, we’re really good at making sure EVERYTHING our awesome Elf Squad Leaders do for Elf Squad is REALLY aligned with their business and professional objectives… so EVERY time they ‘Elf the community, they ALSO ‘Elf themselves!

Sure, as an Elf Squad Leader, you do need an ‘Elfy desire to ‘Elf your community… and our Elf Squad Leaders have that going on – big time.

But we also know that simply ‘giving back’ isn’t enough to make good volunteers stick around.  So, when you join the Elf Squad Leadership Team, you can be damn sure you’ll get serious value and return on your investment of time.

So what would YOU want for yourself as an Elf Squad Leader? 

Is it a dream contacts list, an elevated profile amongst your ideal audience, top-notch experience and skills? Our Head of Elf Recruitment, Sally, will get this out of you before you’re assigned to a team, so we can make sure you’re fulfilled in your own life as you work with Elf Squad. That’s our promise to our team.

So do you want to join the Elf Squad Leader Team? We have heaps of positions up for grab, so please Contact us!

Find out what you could help us with

Elf Squad Founder
CEO (Chief Elfing Officer!)

Stephanie Beitzel

Stephanie Beitzel is the Founder of Elf Squad, a community project of her own business CoClub Regional CoWorking Collective – which produced The Big Geelong CoWorking Map, and The Big Geelong CoWorking Day, a very successful event that ran as part of the Geelong Small Business Festival in August 2017.  As a result of that event, Stephanie was recruited as CEO of Technology Geelong, now a major supporter of Elf Squad, driving Elf Squad’s Digital-Inclusion project, providing internet and tech for families that need it.

Stephanie Beitzel Founded Elf Squad in 2017, inspired after co-founding and launching Geelong Basket Brigade in 2016. A true entrepreneur, with a passion small business, regional development and innovation, Stephanie created Elf Squad to be a truly local and independent operation, focused on uniting and supporting local small business owners, whilst serving the local community, and boosting the regional economy and social mobility as a result. A truly unique approach to community contribution, Elf Squad is geared up to complement and champion many other local charities and projects, including Geelong Basket Brigade.

Stephanie’s Wealth Dynamics Profile: Star


Head of Treats 

Jennifer Trevorrow

Jennifer Trevorrow, Elf Squad Treats Elf

Jennifer, a Mum of two year-old son Albie who lives in Grovedale with her hubby, is hairdresser with decades of experience helping women feel beautiful on the inside and out, and is excited to be launching her new business Give it a Glow in this space.

Jennifer is busy sourcing amazing local regional gourmet treats from the Geelong region for Elf Squad, to promote via Elf Squad’s Regional Gourmet Treats programme – launching soon… where businesses donate specific regional items to Elf Squad, as they make sales.

These treats will be the kind of things that families can enjoy on their own tables, or to re-gift to friends or family if short of funds.

Jennifer’s predicted Wealth Dynamics Profile: Deal Maker

Director of Elf Expression
Creative Director Elf

Christine McCure

Christine McCure, Director of Elf Expression at Elf Squad

Christine lives in East Geelong with her hunky husband and gorgeous 18 month-old daughter Grace, where she runs her really successful national print broking and design business, BKM Print.

Christine’s also Creative Director of The Big Geelong CoWorking Map, and recently joined the Board of Entrepreneurs Geelong.

Christine brings to her role as Elf Squad’s Head of Elf Expression / Creative Director a great eye for design, a can-do attitude, great print contacts, and a fabulous energy that helps support the mental ‘Elf of Elf Squad‘s Founder Stephanie.

Christine’s Wealth Dynamics Profile: Creator

Head of Elf Recruitment

Sally Higoe

Sally Higoe, Recruitment Elf

Sally is a Mother of two, and when she’s not doing her day-job at Bendigo Bank, she runs her own coaching and training business Ignite Your Inner Strength, helping people to feel more in control of their lives.

Sally is responsible for recruiting and on-boarding new Elf Squad volunteers, and allocating them to appropriate tasks, aligned with their objectives.

Sally has a greater vision to reduce stress in society – not only in her local area, she is also a dedicated advocate for support and fundraising in Uganda.

Sally’s Wealth Dynamics Profile: Supporter (Leader)


Elf Development 

Sophie Anapliotis

Sophie Anapliotis, Elf Development

Sophie is a busy Business Development Manager at a major Geelong real-estate agency.

She has a passion for developing people and teams, and is looking forward to leading the Elf Squad team, managing Elves and tasks.

(She also loves doggies.)

Sophie’s Wealth Dynamics Profile: Deal-Maker


Sophie with dogs

Web Elf

Tony Phelps

Tony Phelps, Web Elf

Tony’s business is Winch Websites, providing web marketing and website design services to small and micro businesses in Geelong, the Surf Coast, and beyond. His particular passion is using the internet to level the playing field – taking on big business and big budget at small-business scale. Building effective websites that earn a living, basically!

Tony has been involved with non-profits for many years – including being President of Kiwanis Vanuatu, and Secretary/Treasurer of Lions Club of Winchelsea. He currently helps with websites for OCR FM community radio (Colac), Winchelsea Community House, Deans Marsh Cottage, Winchelsea Lions, and the Community Newspaper Association of Victoria, plus manages the Winchelsea Star newspaper site (occasionally putting together the paper itself too!).

Tony is providing technical support for the website and related web technologies, to minimise costs while maximising impact. If you do see ANYthing on the website that needs attention, be sure to drop a comment to web.elf@elfsquad.com.au




Head of Operations,
Elf & Safety

Deb Fribbins

Deb Fribbins, Head Operations Elf

Deb is an organisational powerhouse, who already runs three businesses, so what’s one more?! Deb’s main business is her consultancy for small business owners Developing Excellence in Business. Deb also owns and runs Business in Heels Geelong and Melbourne CBD. As Elf Squad’s Head of Operations, Deb is Events Manager for our 8/12 Christmas Party Fund-Raiser at Pivot Summit at Arro HQ, and will be supporting the Event Manager for the 15/12 & 16/12/17 Wrap ‘n’ Sack Fest at Federal Mills.  She’s also managing the production of Elf Squad’s exclusive Christmas blend tea and coffee, drawing on 30 years as a Senior Buyer / Product Planner at Target and Harris Scarfe.

Deb’s Wealth Dynamics Profile: Trader


Head of ‘The Elf List’

Ruth Hibburt

Ruth Hibburd, Elf List Elf

Ruth’s day job is at the Geelong English Language Centre, supporting asylum-seeker families in Geelong’s schools. Ruth also has her own business, Empowering Teens, has just completed her first book for teens and parents, and is launching her first workshop for teens and parents in December. Ruth’s working with Elf Squad’s partner agencies to create ‘The Elf List’ – our definitive list of recipients for Elf Sacks.

Ruth’s predicted Wealth Dynamics Profile: Trader


Head of Small Business Relations

Liz Grant

Liz Grant, Head of Small Business Relations

Liz Grant is known to many in Geelong as Head of Small Business Smart Business, the federally-funded small business programme of Geelong Chamber of Commerce.

Liz also runs two other businesses of her own, and has just completed two years on the Board of Entrepreneurs Geelong.

Liz is passionate about community contribution, and was a participant in the first-ever Elf Squad Wrap ‘n’ Sack Day in 2016!! Liz is on board with Elf Squad to drive promotion and support from Geelong’s business groups.

Liz’s predicted Wealth Dynamics Profile: Creator

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